Reminder: Use New TDI Firm ID for all Forms & Correspondence 

TDI has asked us to remind title agents that the new Firm ID should be used on all forms and correspondence going forward. This is now your unique indentifier with TDI.

Even if the form you are completing is outdated and still asks for your company ID or TDI number, please insert your Firm ID instead. These forms will be updated in future rule hearings to correctly identify this as the Firm ID. 

Not sure where to find your Firm ID?

All Texas agents were sent a new license in early 2014. Click here to view a sample license. The Firm ID is circled in red towards the bottom of the first page.      

           Outdated Licensing Forms No Longer Accepted by TDI

TDI has notified us that effective June 15, 2015, they will no longer accept licensing application forms with a revision date prior to February 2015.  If submitted, these forms will be rejected and the applicant will be required to re-submit the application on the current forms.  TDI has made considerable changes to the licensing forms and this will allow for more efficient processing for both TDI as well as the industry.

Additionally, in the near future, forms will include an affirmative consent to release the email address only to specific parties listed on that same application.

If you have any questions about these compliance issues,  please let us know. 

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