Jan 25, 2012

DI Publishes Agenda Items for 2012 Rule Hearing

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) recently posted the full agenda items for the 2012 Texas Title Insurance Periodic Rule Hearing, which you may view here. The hearing will begin in Austin on February 28 and may extend into February 29th. Please note that the agenda items filed for this hearing deal with rules and forms and not the basic premium rate. You may view the hearing notice from TDI that contains brief descriptions of all 91 of the agenda items here, including a large number of items filed by TLTA. TLTA requested this rule hearing in November, and you may view that request here. The TLTA Board will be meeting soon to review all of the proposed items and our website will also be updated soon to include our positions on all of the items. View Agenda Items >> 

Are You Having Trouble Accessing Public Records?

TLTA is increasingly hearing that some county clerks are no longer providing traditional access to county records necessary to maintain a title plant. We understand title agents are also experiencing similar problems with district clerks providing access to court records. TLTA is trying to measure the scope of this problem and identify the counties where access is an issue. Please help us by completing a brief county clerk survey and district clerk survey. Your input is critical to our efforts as we work through this issue and determine how to proceed.

Judges Make Rush Request for Texas Redistricting Maps

Texas Tribune
Federal redistricting judges in San Antonio want to see if they can get agreement from the parties on political maps in time for an April 3 primary and said they are "giving serious consideration" to splitting primaries if no agreement can be reached by the first week of February. The three federal judges said in an order issued Monday that they will meet with the parties on Friday instead of waiting until Feb. 1. Read More >>

State Attorneys General, Large Banks Might be Close to Settlement

Associated Press
A $25 billion settlement between the nation’s major banks and U.S. states over deceptive foreclosure practices during the housing crisis is nearing completion. Five major banks - Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank and Ally Financial (formerly GMAC) - and U.S. states are “very close,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan said last week. Read More >>