April 11, 2012

TDI's Rob Carter Promoted to Assistant General Counsel

Title Staff Reporting Assignments Changed

Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman called TLTA last week to let us know about some staffing and organizational changes at the Department. Effective today, long-time Director of the Title Division Rob Carter, has been promoted to Assistant General Counsel at TDI. The other members of the Title staff will continue in their same roles, but as part of a larger functional realignment across multiple lines of insurance, those staff members will now be reporting to different areas of the Department and the stand alone Title Division will no longer exist in its current form. The reporting changes are intended to align similar functions and improve efficiency and consistency in operations.

The Commissioner assured us that these changes in reporting functions would not affect the personnel that the industry is used to working with on various matters. For instance, Sherry Richburg and Michele Greer will still handle agent and escrow officer licensing, but will now report to the Financial Division where agent licensing is handled for all lines. Robert York will still be in charge of audits, but will also report to the Financial Division where other agent examinations are housed. Complaints will now be handled out of the Consumer Protection area of TDI and will continue to be handled by Ronda Lee. Bernice Kennedy will remain in the Regulatory Policy Division where the Title Division has been, and will handle public policy matters including rules, regulations and statutes. It is anticipated that someone will be hired to replace the position that Rob Carter's departure leaves vacant in that same public policy area.

You can continue to call all of the following individuals at the current Title office number, 512.322.3482.

Rules & Regulations - Bernice Kennedy
Licensing - Sherry Richburg, Michele Greer
Audits - Robert York
Complaints - Ronda Lee

TLTA Call for Legislative Issues - Submit Your Concerns Today

It's already that time again! The TLTA Legislative Committee has been meeting to work on TLTA's 2013 legislative agenda. If you have an idea or an issue TLTA should study, please fill out this form and email it to aaron@tlta.com as soon as possible so the Legislative Committee can review the issues at their next meeting.

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