July 2018

There's Still Time to Get Certified in 2018

DEADLINE: Applications Must Be Submitted Before August 24
TLTA is going on the road, holding several certification tests throughout Texas in the fall. Get certified where you live and work! Here are the upcoming exam dates and locations:
  • Austin - Sept. 7
  • Houston - Sept. 12
  • Dallas - Sept. 14
Applications to take a professional certification exam must be received by Aug. 24, 2018.
When title professionals are awarded professional certification, title companies are then equipped to highlight professional expertise and proficiencies among the pros on their teams. Title professionals should take advantage of this opportunity to stand out among peers, signal dedication to our industry and demonstrate verified skill sets for employers. 
  • TLTA's certification was created just for you.
  • This prestigious distinction sets you apart.
  • You can proudly display credentials on email signatures, business cards and more.
Get prepared, check out what to expect on the test and apply for a designation. If you want to find out if certification is right for you, contact TLTA's Kaylee Colón.

While Cyber Criminals Continue To Target Real Estate Transactions, Take These Protective Measures

Forbes | July 11, 2018
John Dillinger, Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde — these were some of the most notorious thieves in U.S. history. But for as much as these gangsters stole, they don’t hold a candle to the amount of money that can be lost due to acts of faceless online criminals.

Real estate transactions have become a target because they are lucrative. While the average bank robbery nets just about $6,500, a typical wire fraud nets a much higher payday. Traditional criminals are limited to how much money they can carry during a heist, but there’s no limit to the loot cyber crooks can snatch with the use of cyber mules.
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Inside TLTA: Get to Know Your Go-to Crew

TLTA | July 13, 2018
At your TLTA offices in Austin, a team of professionals work for you and our industry. We monitor and respond to state regulatory and lawmaking activity, we deliver educational programming that continues to set the bar for industry excellence, and we support professionalism industry-wide.
Most importantly, we serve you. Our resources are your resources. In addition to the organizational assets that are available to you when you need them, our talented team of pros offer subject matter expertise and other value for you.  

Do you know Kim Schoppert?

Kim Schoppert
Kim Schoppert is TLTA’s Chief Administrative Officer and Assistant to the Executive Vice President and CEO, Leslie Midgley. 

Kim helps manage TLTA’s team, projects and activities, and she is part of an operations team that keeps on track TLTA’s internal operational functions. Additionally, Kim works closely with Leslie and TLTA’s volunteer leaders to formulate TLTA’s goals, objectives and policies. If you need to reach Leslie and she is unavailable, Kim can put TLTA’s tools into motion and serve as a bridge until Leslie is available to help.

Are you looking for an opportunity to guide TLTA’s efforts via one of TLTA’s committees? Are you interested in volunteering to serve our industry and expand your network of title professionals along the way? Kim manages TLTA’s volunteer and committee services programs, plans special membership programs (like the TLTA Leadership Academy) and implements the TLTA awards recognition process. She is the person to call if you’re trying to determine which committee or volunteer opportunities are the right for you, or you’re seeking other ways to connect with your peers.

Kim has served TLTA for 15 years, and she’s taken on most of the organization’s responsibilities at one time or another, making her your ideal go-to if you’re not sure where to go or who to ask. 
“Serving TLTA’s members is the top priority of TLTA’s team, and it’s an honor to serve our industry’s efforts to protect Texans’ property rights,” Kim said. “I hope members will call me when they’re not sure where to turn. Helping establish connections and implement important projects are strengths I am eager to share.”

Of course, there’s more to Kim than her service to you and the team at TLTA. Kim is a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE), which positions her to continue improving professional excellence within TLTA and make introductions to association professionals who serve other industries in which our members might have interests. 
Recently, Kim was awarded her Certified Association Executive (CAE) certification. This fall, she will be honored with TSAE’s coveted Professional Excellence Award. 

Connect with Kim at 512.879.2888 or kim@tlta.com

WFG Names Sherman to Oversee Retail Operations in Southwest

WFG | July 12, 2018
WFG National Title Insurance Company (WFG) has appointed Rob Sherman as Senior Vice President, Regional Director. Sherman will manage the company’s direct title operations in the southwest region. Sherman will be responsible for the growth and management of WFG’s direct title operations in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas.
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Southwest Land Title Company Welcomes New Agency Manager/Owner John Hall

Southwest Land Title Company | July 17, 2018
John Hall has accepted the position of Agency Manager/Owner at Southwest Land Title Insurance Company (SWLTIC). Founded in 2013, Southwest Land Title Insurance Company is licensed to do business in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. The company was a captive underwriter until a recent merger.
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Cleaning Up the Paper Trail in Mortgage

MReport | July 4, 2018
Traditionally, putting together a mortgage has been an intricate, mostly manual process, with lots (and lots) of paper. But with advancing technology, much of that is changing. As the industry becomes increasingly digitized, there are opportunities for not only improving existing processes but mining the wealth of data that comes along with it as well. Technological advancements done the right way mean saving the originator and the client’s time. With this extra time, mortgage professionals can focus on clients and provide all of the things machines can’t. When dealing with financial information, however, it is especially critical for innovation to be paired with implementation, placing customer security as the highest priority.
Today, the confluence of several technologies, including digital documentation, robotic process automation, and data mining, is advancing the mortgage industry and helping mortgage professionals focus more on customers and customer service, and less on time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

REGISTRATION OPEN: Texas Land Title Institute, Other Educational Opportunities

Registration for our suite of educational programs is open and ready for you. Whether you're expanding your knowledge of our industry, earning continuing education credits or investing in your staff's professional development, TLTA's educational tools continue to set the bar for professional excellence industry-wide:  

Designed for real estate attorneys, agency owners and advanced closers, the annual Texas Land Title Institute brings top title professionals to the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort for world-class training and networking. Take advantage of networking with the best in the business and earn crucial MCLE hours at this exciting program. 
Dec. 6-7, 2018
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa
San Antonio, Texas

Register for the Texas Land Title Institute today! 

An in-depth, interactive and comprehensive title industry programming condensed into just three days, saving your company time and money. With more than 6,500 graduates, we're the gold standard in Texas title industry education!
March 4-6, 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton
Austin, Texas

Register for TLTA's Land Title School of Texas today!

If you don't have time to travel, or you're looking for educational opportunities that can be accessed anywhere with a computer and an internet connection, check out our upcoming live webinars:
Looking for more educational tools? We have over 80 On-Demand webinars and videos covering the title industry topics you need!