August 2018

Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Facing Title Industry in 2018 (Part 1)

Drew Bradford, Sigma InfoSec | July 17, 2018
Title companies provide vital services to customers during what can be one of the most stressful times in their lives. Title companies diligently work to protect home owners and lenders from lawsuits or other claims that may arise over title disputes. Additionally, title companies often maintain escrow accounts and facilitate the closing of properties. In carrying out this work, title companies often collect sensitive non-public personal information about their customers and facilitate large volumes of high dollar transactions.

Unfortunately, these factors make title companies a high priority target for hackers who would seek to steal, defraud, or disrupt their organizations. Title companies are often the target of phishing schemes, wire fraud, account takeover attacks, and ransomware, among other threats. Small businesses are no longer able to “fly under the radar” of hackers, as over two thirds of all breaches occur in organizations sized between 11-100 employees.

Title companies rely on their reputation to gain new and repeat business and must diligently defend their reputation and protect their brand. Real estate closings are time-sensitive and therefore title companies cannot afford to miss mortgage-related transactions due to ransomware or other system outages
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Google Spent Years Studying Successful Teams; Here's the 1 Thing That Mattered Most | Aug. 2, 2018
A few years ago, a research team at Google set out on a quest to figure out what makes teams successful. They code-named the study Project Aristotle, a tribute to the philosopher's famous quote: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

The research team analyzed dozens of teams and interviewed hundreds of executives, team leads, and team members. They found that a number of elements contributed to a team's effectiveness–but the single greatest factor was that team members felt what is described as "psychological safety." 

"In a team with high psychological safety, teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members," wrote the researchers. "They feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea." 
Simply put, great teams thrive on trust. 
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Respected Title Professional Joey Prohaska Retires, Focuses Her Energy on New Travel Agency Venture

Long-time TLTA member and respected industry veteran Joey Prohaska retired at the end of June after a distinguished career spanning 46 years.

Most recently, Joey spent ten years as an Independent Quality Assurance Auditor for Alliant National Title Insurance Company, in addition to acting as President/CEO of Professional Escrow and Title Services, Inc., a consulting and compliance-focused industry business she co-owns with her husband, Tom. 
In 1998, Joey was awarded the TLTA President’s Award for her service—particularly in the area of education—and in 2001 she received TLTA’s highest honor, Title Person of the Year. Joey has chaired numerous TLTA committees, including the committee responsible for producing TLTA’s highly regarded Land Title School, which has graduated more than 6,500 title professionals and remains the gold standard for title industry education. She was very involved in spearheading the Certification Program and chaired the committee for several years, most recently serving on the Certification Council. 
Among Joey’s retirement plans is the continued development of her travel agency, which specializes in cruises. Many of us are well-aware of Joey’s passion for travel, and we are so excited that she is sharing her wanderlust with others, including her title industry friends! Joey is fluent in French, so be sure to ask her about visiting Francophone countries, like France, Belgium and Switzerland. PETSI Travel Inc. is filed with the Secretary of State and Denton County, Texas. Learn more here: You may contact Joey directly at or 972.342.8348 (text friendly). 
Joey’s contributions to our industry are too many to list, and we are grateful for her outstanding service. We wish her all the best in her new venture!

Stewart Title Commemorated Stewart Morris Sr.’s 80 Years of Service

TLTA Honorary Member Stewart Morris Sr. was celebrated at a private reception attended by more than 150 business and community leaders from across Texas and around the country. 
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Frederick Schraub Joins National Investors Title Insurance Company as Vice President - Texas Underwriting Counsel

Fred Schraub has joined the Texas-domiciled title insurance underwriter National Investors Title Insurance Company as vice president – Texas underwriting counsel. Schraub will provide underwriting support and educational services to the underwriter’s Texas-based agent network.
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Old Republic Title Acquires San Antonio Division of Trinity Title of Texas

Old Republic National Title Insurance Company has purchased the operating assets of the San Antonio division of Trinity Title of Texas LLC. Trinity Title of Texas San Antonio division is in the process of rebranding and changing its name to Old Republic Title.
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Georgetown Title Company Celebrating 125th Anniversary

Georgetown Title Company, which was started in 1893, is celebrating their 125th anniversary. Congratulations!

Rodney Anderson (Alliant National Title Insurance Company), Mike Cumberland (Georgetown Title Company, Inc.), David Hays (Georgetown Title Company, Inc.) and TLTA President John Martin attend Georgetown Title's 125th Anniversary celebration at the Williamson County Courthouse.

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