February 2019

  • How to 'Scale' Your Leadership
  • Basic Manual Task Force Celebrated
  • TLTA's Day at the Capitol: A Goodwill Mission That Continues to Work
  • In Memoriam
  • Professional Tools: New TDI Licensing Changes Take Effect Next Month - Are You Ready?

How to 'Scale' Your Leadership

Forbes | Jan. 23, 2019
Leadership experts Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams surveyed more than 1 million leaders in organizations worldwide. They were searching for themes and patterns in the behaviors that produce effective and not-so-effective leadership.

Among other things, they compared “creative competencies” and “reactive tendencies” that can make or break a leader’s effectiveness.
Rodger Duncan: What surprises did you find in your research?
William Adams: The first big surprise was that six of the top-10 strengths of high-creative leaders have to do with effectively leading people and teams. Creative leaders scale leadership in their organizations by developing leadership in others, while reactive leaders do the opposite. They double down on what got them there—their own, often considerable, talent. They have not yet learned to scale their talent through the development of others and teams. Great leaders scale leadership—particularly creative and conscious leadership.

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Basic Manual Task Force Celebrated

The members of TLTA's Basic Manual Task Force, chaired by Denise Holmes, were celebrated last week at a special lunch honoring their tireless commitment to ensuring the Basic Manual is easy to use and satisfies the needs of consumers, title professionals and the Texas Department of Insurance. This group of talented industry experts and staff from TDI started their work 4 ½ years ago and have been holding monthly all-day meetings since that time. The hours of work this dedicated group has devoted to this important project, both during these meetings and in between, are incalculable.
Their first project was to reorganize the Manual in a more user-friendly format.  They finished that project about two years ago and that work product will soon be available on the TDI website for review and comment in draft form. Phase 2, which is currently underway, is a plain language non-substantive rewrite of the Manual. The committee recently completed a milestone in that phase of the project and is continuing to work their way through the rest of the publication. Phase 3 will eventually be a more substantive rewrite of the Manual to provide clarity and usability.  
"TLTA couldn't do what it does without dedicated volunteers like this special group of industry experts," said Leslie Midgley after the celebratory lunch. "Denise Holmes and the members of the Basic Manual Task Force have accepted one of our industry's most challenging volunteer assignments, and they continue digging in month-after-month to ensure the Basic Manual is both easy to use and understand for future generations to come. Their work will truly leave a legacy, and we cannot thank them enough for the gift of their time and expertise." 

From Left to Right: John Bruce, Ronda Lee (TDI), Albert Garcia, John Rothermel, Jason Gammage (TDI), Denise Holmes, Cynthia Howell, Steve Streiff, and CJ Mytych
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TLTA's Day at the Capitol – A Goodwill Mission That Continues to Work

Title professionals from across the state congregated at the Capitol in Austin Feb. 12-13 to share our industry's powerful story with state lawmakers and staff. We set out on a goodwill mission, and nearly 300 industry partners answered the call. 
TLTA members and other industry advocates visited all 181 legislative offices, carrying this simple message door-to-door: Texas title industry professionals are community partners with integrity who work for Texans statewide, and the Texas title insurance system works.

Title professionals from across the state went door-to-door at the Capitol, sharing our industry's powerful story with legislators and staff
The success of this year's Day at the Capitol would not be possible without the continued development of TLTA's Grassroots Network, which is charged with maintaining healthy relationships and open lines of communications with the legislators who help shape our industry's long-term success. If you have not already done so, please fill out this grassroots network form.  Be sure to provide your home address, so we can identify the legislators who represent you, and your cell number, so we can send alerts when there is urgent title industry-related legislation being discussed at the Capitol. 
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In Memoriam

Dearl Dean Pittman, father of past TLTA President Randy Pittman, died Feb. 3, 2019. Our condolences to Randy and all of Dearl's family and friends.
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Professional Tools: New TDI Licensing Changes Take Effect Next Month - Are You Ready?

Escrow officers, title agents and direct operations will need to adjust to TDI's new licensing requirements when they go into effect in March. Will your compliance toolbox be up-to-date? Do you know what to expect?
TLTA continues to develop and produce the professional tools that help our members and our industry partners navigate regulatory responsibilities and continue to focus on serving our customers with success. Below are some of the TLTA tools that will help you prepare for TDI's new licensing requirements:
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As always, your team at TLTA  will be here to help you adjust to the new requirements. If you have questions or we can assist you, please contact us

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