April 2019

  • Leadership During Change: 10 Ways To Move Forward Together
  • 2019 TLTA Conference Features Special Track on Female Leadership
  • VIDEO: The Growing Partnership Between Russia's Government and Cybercriminals
  • Infographic: Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist
  • Jeffrey A. Tischler Joins Old Republic Title as Senior Vice President
  • Hiring? Reach More Qualified Title Professionals via TLTA's Career Center

Leadership During Change: 10 Ways To Move Forward Together

Aric Wood | April 25, 2019
Times of transformation -- whether by design or due to a crisis -- will test an organization’s resilience, confidence and culture. Many people resist change because it threatens their sense of security, and they will require not only more frequent but more thoughtful communications to get onboard and move in a new direction.
If you’re a leader guiding your organization in a new direction, keep these best practices in mind as you craft your communication plan:
  1. Lead the narrative. In the absence of information, people fill in the gaps themselves and usually paint things in the worst light. Take control of the narrative by communicating early and often, staying ahead of the “grapevine” and setting the tone and content.
  2. Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and tell them again. A message sent is not always a message received. People often need to hear information many times before it sets in or before they actually believe it's real. Be sure to repeat key messages often, even within the same presentation, to ensure they are heard.
  3. Trust is built via a series of kept promises. Even within established teams, times of great change require new connections of trust to be built. In communications that speak to the future, be sure that promises made are kept, and in communications that look back, that kept promises are celebrated.

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2019 Conference Features Special Track on Female Leadership

If you haven't already done so, be sure to register now for our 2019 Annual Conference and Business Meeting in Lost Pines, Texas - a rustic retreat southeast of Austin.
In addition to must-hear updates on the 86th Session of the Texas Legislature and TDI's review of our basic premium rate, this year's conference program includes a very special track on female leadership. Here's just one of the speakers you'll see at conference this year:
Female Leadership: A Title Industry Story 
Erika Meinhardt, Executive Vice President, Fidelity national Title Group, Inc. 
It’s a long way from the closing room to the board room, and it can be difficult for a title professional to picture herself at the decision-making table when few of the people seated there look like her. Erika Meinhardt will share insights on women in leadership formed during her nearly four-decade professional journey from entry-level admin to senior executive making decisions and leading at the top of our industry.
Register now and make a plan to join us in Lost Pines June 10-12. 

VIDEO: The Growing Partnership Between Russia's Government and Cybercriminals

60 Minutes | April 21, 2019
The release of special counsel Robert Mueller's long-awaited report last Thursday created new headlines, but did nothing to lessen the country's partisan divide. One fact, however, that at least U.S.intelligence officials agree on is that Russia's cyber espionage efforts constitute one of the greatest threats we face as a nation.
Tonight, we're going to tell you about one of the most insidious aspects of that threat, one that goes well beyond what Robert Mueller documented in his investigation: it is the growing and unlikely partnership between Russian government spymasters and Russian cybercriminals.
One of the first public hints of this unholy alliance came, coincidentally, when President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia's intelligence agencies for interfering in the 2016 presidential election. At the same time, and little noticed, he also sanctioned two big-time Russian criminal hackers.  How the FBI came to unmask them is a great detective story and a rare window into this marriage made in Hell.

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Additional cybercrime resources can be found on TLTA's Cyberfraud Resources page.

Infographic: Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist

Maria Raybould | April 18, 2019
Feeling overwhelmed with scheduling posts, launching ads, social listening, influencers, and all the other tasks that leave you no time to focus on your strategic goals? Not sure which tasks you should be doing first? 

Breathe a sigh of relief! This inforgraphic checklist breaks down all your tasks into what needs to be addressed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, helping you to prioritize your work and achieve consistency in your social media planning.
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Jeffrey A. Tischler Joins Old Republic Title as Senior Vice President

Jeffrey A. Tischler has joined Old Republic Title as Senior Vice President, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Technology Solutions. Jeff has leadership responsibilities for Pavaso and RamQuest, which are part of Old Republic Title Tech Companies, Inc. He will oversee the delivery of quality, stand-alone digital products and solutions, while focusing on integration initiatives that support Old Republic Title Insurance Group’s overall digital strategy.
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Hiring? Reach More Qualified Title Professionals via TLTA's Career Center

TLTA's Career Center offers something no other job site provides - connection to the largest network of Texas title professionals anywhere. If you're ready to recruit from a large pool of highly qualified professionals, here's an opportunity to find a great fit for your organization.

Visit the TLTA Career Center today and discover the ways in which we continue helping Texas title professionals make employment connections that lead to success. 

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