South Texas Seminar Schedule


7:15 AM Registration and Breakfast Buffet Open
7:45 The Shadows of Real Estate Fraud 
David Tandy, CEO, Texas National Title

This session is a comprehensive exploration of various fraud types affecting the title industry. The presentation covers numerous aspects of real estate fraud, such as fraudulent IDs, wire fraud, and impersonation schemes, providing insights into their mechanics and impact. It emphasizes the need for a mindset shift in the title and escrow industry towards a 'Zero Trust Security' approach. The session also highlights the increasing sophistication of fraudsters and the need for constant vigilance and verification in real estate transactions to protect against these evolving threats. Discover how to detect and prevent fraud, identify emerging threats, and fortify your business against evolving risks, ensuring the protection of your clients and assets.
8:45 Break
9 Red Flags That Can Eclipse Your Deal  
Rebecca Adams, Underwriting Counsel, Agents National Title

This presentation delves into the potential challenges in real estate transactions, particularly focusing on red flags that can hinder the process. Key topics include handling property deals involving divorce, the intricacies of various entities, managing properties tied to deceased individuals, and the nuances of using Powers of Attorney. It also covers the unique considerations when minors are involved in property titles and the application of guardianship laws. The session provides practical tips and detailed scenarios to navigate these complexities effectively, ensuring smoother real estate transactions. 
Illuminating Commercial Endorsements: Coverages, Related Rules, & How to Issue 
Roland Love, Vice President Business Alliances & Field Operations, Independence Title 

This session highlights how owners and lenders often seek additional coverages that are not provided by basic title insurance policies. We will cover various endorsements like Area and Boundary Amendment, Restrictions Encroachments, and Minerals Endorsement. The material also details the procedural and rate rules associated with these endorsements, their applicability, underwriting issues, and the nuances of Texas title insurance regulations, contrasting them with ALTA forms used in other states. Additionally, we will address common concerns in commercial transactions like survey matters, access, contiguity of parcels, and mineral exploration impacts. 
11:15 Break
11:30 Uncovering Claims –The Process, Common Claims, & Recent Trends 
Rebecca Adams, Underwriting Counsel, Agents National Title
Roland Love, Vice President Business Alliances & Field Operations, Independence Title 

This session offers an in-depth exploration of the claims process in title insurance, addressing the practicalities of submitting a claim and the roles of various parties involved, including title agents. It delves into common claim types like survey claims and tender of defenses, providing insights into their handling and resolution. Additionally, the session highlights recent trends in claims, such as Affidavits of Heirship (AOHs) and supplemental tax claims, equipping attendees with the knowledge to navigate these emerging challenges. 
12:30 PM Adjourn
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Escrow Officers:
3 hours General Escrow Credit and 1 hour Ethics are available from the Texas Department of Insurance.