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December 28, 2011

  • Deadline for NAIC Reporting of Property Type and Rate Draws Concern
  • New TLTA Leadership Academy - Application Deadline Jan. 12!
  • Court: New Texas Districts May Be Discriminatory
  • Treasury to Name Housing Finance Director

December 21, 2011

  • Deadline Today to Comment on CFPB Closing Forms
  • 2010 Underwriter Experience Data Now Available
  • TREC Adopts Changes to Forms
  • TTIGA Fee Decreasing From $5 to $2 on Jan. 1
  • New TLTA Leadership Academy - Application Deadline Jan. 12!

December 14, 2011

  • 2nd Round of CFPB Closing Forms Published
  • 2010 Agent Statistical Data Now Available, TTIGA Fee Decreasing From $5 to $2 on Jan. 1
  • TLTA Submits Letter to Office of Government Ethics on Proposed Rule

November 30, 2011

  • ALTA's RESPA Task Force Plans to Meet with CFPB
  • Texas Seeks Stay From High Court on Redistricting Maps
  • Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in RESPA Case
  • Texas Historical Commission Preservation Program Wins Award
  • Thank You TLTAbay Donors, Bidders and Winners!

November 23, 2011

  • TLTA Submits Joint Letter in Support of Extending FHA Loan Limits
  • ALTA Submits Comments on Mortgage Closing Disclosure Form Draft
  • Congress Extends NFIP to Dec. 16
  • Federal Court Issues New Political Maps for Texas,Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac Announce HARP Changes

November 16, 2011

  • Deadline Today to Comment on Draft Settlement Statements
  • Finance Commission Publishes Proposed Payoff Statement
  • Lawmakers Reach Deal on Raising FHA Loan Limits
  • Covered Bond Companion Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate, U.S. Sen. Corker Introduces GSE Reform Bill

November 9, 2011

  • CFPB Unveils Initial Drafts of Closing Disclosure,
  • Federal Court Rejects Texas Redistricting Maps
  • NAIC Sets 2012 Agenda at Fall Meeting,
  • Texas Insurance Regulator Wins Top National Award
  • FHFA Director Edward DeMarco Under Fire

November 2, 2011

  • TLTA Meets With New Insurance Commissioner
  • House Republican to Introduce New GSE Reform Bill
  • Help Restore Higher Conforming Loan Limits
  • Controversial Redistricting Court Hearings Underway This Week
  • Leadership Changes at Freddie Mac

October 26, 2011

  • U.S. Senate Restores Higher Conforming Loan Limits
  • FHFA Confirms Title Insurance Remains Part of HARP Program
  • ALTA Concerned With 5th Draft of Combined GFE/TIL
  • Speaker Joe Straus Releases Interim Charges for House Committees
  • TDI Quarterly Audit Results Published

October 19, 2011

  • CFPB: One More Round of Mortgage Disclosure Before HUD-1 Draft
  • U.S. Supreme Court to Hear RESPA Case Over Unearned Fees
  • Early Voting Begins Next Week for Constitutional Amendment Election
  • Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Home Ownership Tax Incentives
  • Slim Pickings Are Latest Headache for Home Sales

October 12, 2011

  • TLTA Submits Agenda Items and Request for Rule Hearing to TDI
  • TLTA's Minerals Lawsuit Resolved
  • Task Force Appointed to Review P-53
  • Dallas County DA Sues MERS Over Filing Fees
  • ALTA and NAR Submit Letter to Freddie Mac
  • ALTA: Maintain Conforming Loan Limits
  • TLTA, ALTA Comment on Mortgage Disclosure Form Drafts
  • National Flood Insurance Program Extended Until Nov. 18
  • New, Stronger Real Estate License Laws
  • Why I Give to the TLTAPAC - Tommy Bastian

August 2011

  • TTIGA Reducing Guaranty Fee to $2
  • TDI Quarterly Audit Results Published
  • TLTA Committees Continue Preparation for New Cycle
  • TREC: Revised Seller’s Disclosure Notice Mandatory Sept. 1
  • TDI Releases Legislative Report
  • AG Issues Opinion on Property Tax Calculations
  • ALTA
  • CFPB Hold Roundtable on Combined Mortgage Disclosures,
  • ALTA Urges Inclusion in QRM Standard
  • ALTA President Testifies on Mortgage Origination
  • Wading Through the Mortgage Disclosure Quagmire
  • Why I Give: Joey Prohaska
  • We Need Corporate Contributions!
  • TLTAbay Coming Soon,
  • TLTA Wants to be Your Friend!

July 2011

  • Read the comprehensive 2011 TLTA Legislative Report

June 2011

  • Governor Signs All TLTA Legislation,
  • New Law Bans Private Transfer Fees
  • Case Review: How Land owners Can Protect Their Mineral Interests
  • "Feed Scanner" Attorney General Request Still Pending
  • ALTA, Lawmakers Question QRM Down Payment, CFPB Update – New Forms Survey,
  • Legal Framework for Covered Bonds Passes Committee
  • Senate Banking Committee Discusses National Flood Insurance Program,
  • Fundraising Record Set!
  • Conference PAC Breakfast Clubs a Success, Bert Massey Classic Enjoyed By All
  • Why I Give - Pam Rodgers
  • TLTA Thanks Supportive Legislators, Industry Stats

May 2011

  • TDI Issues Call for Agent Stat Data – June 9 Deadline
  • TDI Quarterly Audit Results Published, Title Industry Wins Significant Rate Battle in New Mexico,
  • TLTA Legislative Update: First TLTA Affirmative Agenda Item Passes Both Chambers
  • GSE Legislation Requiring Title Insurance Introduced, HUD Provides GFE, HUD-1 Guidance
  • CFPB Update: Model Mortgage Forms to be Tested in 6 Markets
  • ALTA Meets With FTC Officials to Discuss CFPB, Officials Criticize QRM Rule
  • Action Alert: Support the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011
  • Ocean-Front Property Rights Disputed in U.S.
  • State Supreme Courts
  • First American Houston-100% Participation!
  • TLTAPAC’s Biennial Race to the Finish,
  • Don't Miss These Two Conference Events!,
  • In Memoriam: Buck Eckels
  • Industry Faces Increased Costs to Get Deals Closed, Industry Stats

April 2011

  • TLTA Affirmative Legislative Agenda Moves Through Process
  • Legislators File Fewer Bills This Session,
  • Legislative Session Dates of Interest
  • Darby No Longer Seeks OPIC Shutdown
  • GSE Update: Reforming Fannie and Freddie
  • TLTA Meets With U.S. Legislators at ALTA Conference,
  • TLTA Member Celia Flowers Joins ALTA RESPA Task Force
  • Housing Experts: QRMs Shouldn't be too Restrictive
  • HUD Issues Guidance for Loan Originator Compensation Rule
  • TLTA Responds to AG’s Amicus Request
  • Abbott Joins in Objections to Mortgage Services Settlement
  • TX Supreme Court to Rehear Open Beaches Case,
  • Why I Give: Lloyd Draper, Independence Title's 'Casual Day' Raises $1,200 for the TLTAPAC
  • TLTAPAC’s Biennial Race to the Finish!
  • Dust Off Your Golf Clubs for The Bert Massey Classic PAC Golf Tournament
  • Industry Stats

March 2011

  • Day at the Capitol a Huge Success, Filing Deadline Just Days Away
  • Related Industries Committee Meets With Realtors
  • Bankers, Obama Admin Lays Out Plan to Reform Housing Market
  • Fed Passes Reg-Z Rulemakings to CFPB
  • Warren Details Organizational Structure of CFPB
  • FHFA Proposes Rule on Private Transfer Fee Covenants
  • Sierra Title Requests Public Hearing to Change Rate
  • TDI Reminders for Completing License Applications
  • Miss a Webinar? No problem!, PAC Board Meets in Austin,
  • “Jean Fridays” Raise Money for the PAC
  • Industry Stats, TLTA Wants to be Your Friend!